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If you would like further information about any of my services,

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 Tutor in Kidderminster Home Tutoring


Tutor in Kidderminster

Welcome to DeltaMathematics. My name is Michaela Jackson and I am a Mathematics tutor in Kidderminster, United Kingdom. I offer a range of services including home tuition, remote tutoring and GCSE Mathematics tuition.

I have been teaching Mathematics for over 14 years and pride myself on teaching fun, exciting and interactive lessons. Mathematics is a critical skill that opens so many doors and that is why I feel it is important to help students develop the confidence and acquire knowledge they need.

My services are not restricted to young learners and GCSE students. I also assist parents and carers who would like to support their children in learning, as well as student-teachers hoping to acquire a PGCE teacher qualification.


If you are looking for a Mathematics tutor in Kidderminster area and Worcestershire, please get in touch with me at DeltaMathematics to find out what I can offer


Tutor in Kidderminster Home Tuition

Home Tuition 

I offer Mathematics tuition at my home in Kidderminster or at the home of the student. I specialise in Mathematics and cover KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4 GCSE Mathematics tuition. I offer engaging lessons that ensure my students form a positive relationship with Mathematics. Students will gain the confidence and skills to achieve their full potential. I offer homework support sessions, providing relaxed or fast paced tuition to match the learning style of the student. I am fully insured and can provide an enhanced DBS check.


Tutor in Kidderminster Supply Teaching

Supply Teaching 

I offer day-to-day and long-term Mathematics supply teaching services in secondary schools in Worcestershire.


Supply Teacher Booking


Tutor in Kidderminster Home Schooling

Remote/Direct Tuition for Home-schooled Students 

If you are home-schooling a child, it is essential that they understand and are up to date with Mathematics. I provide remote and in-person tuition for home schooled learners, following a full Mathematics curriculum leading to a GCSE examination.

Tutor in Kidderminster Homework Support

Homework Support 

The completion of homework can be challenging without the aid of a teacher. My homework support sessions support students in completing homework whilst developing confidence and improving their ability to complete set homework independently

Tutor in Kidderminster Parental Support

Parental Support 

I help parents and carers to gain confidence and the knowledge needed to support their children in learning Mathematics.


Teacher Support 

If you are planning to enter or are already studying towards a PGCE teacher qualification, you may wish to book a session designed to help you pass your Mathematics GCSE examination or student-teacher Mathematics skills test.



Tutor in Kidderminster

Outdoor Learning 

For those students struggling with learning Mathematics in a structured environment such as a classroom, I am able to take the learning outside. This gives students the opportunity to have Mathematics demonstrated in a natural and real-life environment, which can lead to a student’s change in attitude, improving their understanding and engagement.

International Teaching 

I am fluent in English and Czech which enables me to offer specialist lessons for Czech students who wish to study in the UK. My lessons provide a great foundation for students who would like to improve their Mathematics and English skills.







About Me

I have over 14 years of experience teaching and instructing Mathematics. I take a collaborative approach with teachers, administrators and parents to meet the needs of students. I care deeply about the progress my students make and take the time to develop great relationships with everyone I teach.

I teach many students who don’t enjoy Mathematics and get frustrated that they can’t learn or don’t understand concepts. I have a range of different teaching methods at my disposal and tailor my lessons to the needs of the student. I have a real passion for helping students learn and this is reflected in my lessons which are engaging, compelling and absorbing.

My Qualifications

  • University of Worcester, Certificate of Higher Education: Post Graduate Certificate in Education PGCE Mathematics Secondary
  • University of Chemistry and Technology, Bachelor of Science: Bachelor Degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Enhanced DBS check, Secondary Mathematics PGCE and GTC certificate will be provided in person.


 Tutor in Kidderminster Lessons


What Makes My Lessons Special?

  • I can provide direct one-to-one tutoring at my residence or at the home of a student.
  • My first lesson is free of charge.
  • I offer competitive pricing for tuition and supply teaching.
  • I specialise in excellent classroom management, innovative teaching methods and building positive professional relationship with students
  • I offer remote tutoring for students in schools (many schools are having students use remote tutoring during school hours; government provides schools with funds to get students 'back on track' due to many students falling behind during lockdown).



Where I Cover

I offer Mathematics home tuition in Kidderminster and surrounding areas, remote learning in the UK, Czech Republic and worldwide and supply teaching services in Worcestershire secondary schools.

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 If you would like further information about any of my services, please contact me at DeltaMathematics.

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