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Please contact me at DeltaMathematics if you are looking for a professional Mathematics tutor in Kidderminster area 

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 Tutor in Kidderminster Home Tuition

Home Tuition

I offer Mathematics tuition for KS1, KS2, KS3, KS4 and GCSE level students. I provide lessons in my home or in the home of the student. Whether students are struggling with concepts or require general assistance, my lessons are tailor-made for the learner. I am fully insured and DBS accredited so you can have complete peace of mind in the standard of my lessons.

(Hourly rate - primary £28, secondary KS3 £30, secondary GCSE KS4 £35)

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 Tutor in Kidderminster Home Schooling


Remote/Direct Tuition for Home-Schooled Students 

If you are home-schooling a child, you may appreciate the support of a dedicated Mathematics teacher providing lessons in line with the current national curriculum.

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 Tutor in Kidderminster Homework Support

Homework Support

My homework support sessions offer extra assistance with understanding and completing students’ homework. With the absence of the classroom teacher at home, students can lose focus and struggle to complete the tasks. DeltaMathematics homework support is suitable for students of all abilities, for those that are revising methods taught at school as well as those who are strong mathematicians and are working at a higher level.

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 Tutor in Kidderminster Parental Support

Parental Support 

I deliver professional support sessions for parents and carers who a looking to gain a better understanding of what is being asked of their children. I help parents gain an understanding of Mathematics sufficient enough to support their child’s learning.

Please contact me at DeltaMathematics if you would like to book a session.

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Teacher Support

If you are planning to embark on or are already studying towards a PGCE teaching qualification, you may be looking for support with preparations for your GCSE Mathematics qualification and for the Mathematics skills test. If you find Mathematics a challenge, I can help you prepare for your examinations. I have extensive experience teaching Mathematics and will provide you with the best route to success.

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 Tutor in Kidderminster Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning

For some students, learning in a structed environment such as a classroom can be challenging. I think that Mathematics can appear as a daunting subject for many. However, Mathematics can be more accessible when taught outdoors with real-life application. I create exciting and interactive outdoor sessions that are tailored for different learning styles.

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 Tutor in Kidderminster International Teaching


International Teaching

As a fluent Czech and English speaker, I assist students who would like to live and/or study in the UK. I provide remote tuition that enables Czech students to improve both their Mathematics and English skills. I also offer proof-reading and translation services for Czech students.

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 Tutor in Kidderminster In Person tuition


In-Person Tuition

Home/in-person tuition sessions can happen at my house or at the home of the student. Parents are welcome to stay and be present during sessions or can leave the student under my supervision.

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 Tutor in Kidderminster Online Tuition

Online Tuition

I offer online/remote interactive Mathematics tuition sessions using a remote classroom. I am able to interact with students, encouraging and supporting them through their learning. Use of an interactive classroom gives me the ability to access a student’s level of confidence as well as their understanding while undertaking structured lessons.

Students have the benefit of access to recorded sessions and their completed work/worksheets/slides and resources library, as well as smart search that enables them to locate specific work in their library.

All the lesson slides with completed work are emailed to students and tuition sessions are recorded for security reasons and safeguarding. Students are required to download Google Chrome to allow the tutoring to run most effectively on a computer or laptop or use Safari if using an iPad.

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